As Fiction

Is the World really as it seems? Can we truly grasp something that is mere perception? Can reality lie? Is the extent of our existence simply the direct equivalent to our narrow-minded envisioning and perception? Is anything actually “real”?

Nothing is quite what it seems. There are hidden devils just as there are hidden angels.

To start we must define our perceptions. We can never know the truth for we only know what we perceive to be true based on evidence we receive through our senses. Our perceptions make up the judgement we carry on each moment. To reach the furthest possibilities of truth means to alleviate our moments from the judgement we carry upon them. With this comes an entirely new world. From a world of absolutes we must move to a world of limitless possibility – we do this by recognizing our judgement and rejecting it.

Possibility & Criteria

At the risk of over-extending the meaning of the phrase, lets take “never say never” to the extreme. An absolute is what it is. To mean “never” means to adhere to the manufactured fact of impossibility. Contrary to popular belief, “never say never” is actually confined to possibilities.

Possibilities exist all around us. A train car can fly off the tracks while a guilt-ridden businessman steps onto them. A tree can fall onto the oblivious forager. An imprisoned primate could maul someone at the zoo. The examples given are simply activities – mere occurrences that spark a chain of events. Our world is pushing through an unfathomable count of causalities each moment. The predictability of such a world comes at a high price.

Predictions come easier with defined criteria. The availability of criteria is usually defined by absolutes. We have developed our world with an over-abundance of them. Just look at our many “Laws” – The Laws of Physics, of Motion, Gravity, Thermodynamics, Power, the list goes on! This creates an array of criteria all confined to the strict laws from which each criterion derive.

Let us take the phrase back to its sponsored meaning for a moment. “Never say never” is meant to describe the fact that anything is possible. This sounds great! On the surface that is. Looking deeper we can see that what is possible is confined to the criteria we’ve placed against ourselves and against others.

The phrase depends on the absolute of impossibility to negate itself. It is a representation of redundancy and falsity. There cannot be complete impossibility in a world of colliding causalities and there cannot be absolute possibility in a world of criteria. How can we live in such a world? If the solution is to categorize our lives with the criteria of the living, let us at the very least define the criteria of our own lives, for ourselves.


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