Controversy As Kin

We live in a world of travesty, hope, loss and love. We live in a cancer equally terminal and benign. We live within order and chaos, division as well as solidarity. We live in a world of controversy. I am not referring to the conflicts of opinion and behavior but of recognition.

Each of us, at least in the Western world, are confined to a standard within which we compete for favor. The people give way to the bottom line and our attentions misdirected. Our lives are defined by limitations and a series of moments both ignored and exploited. The bane of our existence is ourselves. While we have crafted countless masks, the conflict within us is ever present.

We are employed for the service industry yet we ultimately serve the industry as we window shop our sense of self. In this way, as in many other ways, we are all on public display. Our greatest weakness is not the various forms of our fragility but our consistency – the habit we share to abide by the name of civilization to our own peril. Yet, many do not recognize this.

We don’t see the poisoned waters. We don’t see the strong-arming and intimidation rampant in the conflicts of race, gender, money and authority. We don’t see the slavery in the industrial complex in which we all play a part. Instead, we see the Jones’ greener grass, the many obligations of our ailing lives, and the temporary joys manifested through consumerism.

We are equal in our oppression, differentiated by our suffering and connected in our impact. When we recognize this, we can move past the primitive struggles within controversy and move towards the compassion that joins our differences. This in turn will provide us the means of complete liberation.


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