It is infuriating to think that the great United States of America was built upon the cry for “no taxation without representation”. This article will largely ignore the fundamental injustices that taxation suggests in favor of revealing the misguidance of representation. The very thing held dear to U.S. democracy is the same conceptual tyrant beating us into submission.

We pride ourselves for living within “freedom” – I’ll use this moment to mention here that this pride has been used to manipulate us into believing that it is our duty to the rest of the world to share it, by any means necessary.

The idea that we have to go teach people how to be free is kind of a funny idea.

Noam Chomsky

Why is this pride important to recognize? Looking at U.S. democracy as it was intended, our freedoms are obtained through the list of tolerable and intolerable actions defined by those chosen to represent our interests as citizens. Not only does that definition of democracy give the current affairs of the United States too much credit, it leads to the question – how can we possibly take pride in decisions that were not made by us but rather were made for us? The decisions, the decisive list of tolerable and intolerable acts, the laws of the land, are not made for us but rather against us. Again, I will defer a more elaborate examination of this concept in an effort to limit the discussion of the established corporatism underlying modern policy.

We have no basis for pride in our freedom. We are demanded to live in ways to support corporate interest rather than self-determined human life. We are demanded to defer the creation of legislature to those deemed more equipped to make decisions that affect life rather than allowing those that are actually affected by the policy, make the policy. This concept is too simple for it to be achieved within the modern world order. It should also mean its utter destruction.

Deferring the boundaries of our lives to others parallels deferring our lives to others. Deferring to others is not in our best interest. It leads to a funnel of power drawing away from us, to those to which we defer our lives. When we are faced with a proclaimed leader, we must end their leadership – effectively ending their power of authority (control) over the lives of otherwise self-determined individuals. It is critical to realize and to always remember that the concept of representation has no regard for your interests unless you are representing yourself and the preservation of self-determination.


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